Dr. David Brady's 2015 CASI Presentation


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Day 1, Short Ted-Style presentation
Dr. David Brady's 2015 CASI Presentation: The Fibro-Fix ​-Real Solutions for Global Pain and Fatigue Syndromes

Preview: When the Patient Thinks it’s Fibromyalgia


Dr. David Brady's 2015 CASI Presentation

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The Fibro-Fix ​-Real Solutions for Global Pain and Fatigue Syndromes

Dr. Brady will discuss how patients and health care practitioners alike are often missing the boat on global pain and fatigue disorders and these misunderstandings about the fundamentals of this problem often result in misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Research suggests that “classic” fibromyalgia (FMS) is a central pain processing disorder and does not appear to be a peripheral somatic disorder. Dr. Brady will emphasize the concept that this central-mediated disorder is strongly associated with psychological disorders, including trauma and abuse history, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, and sleep disorder.

Common mechanisms in-play regarding these concomitant issues and global pain will be fully explored and accurate differential diagnostic and comprehensive naturopathic therapeutic strategies will be discussed in-detail. The concept of “pseudo” or “false” fibromyalgia diagnostic labels will also be discussed, to include various organic and functional medical conditions, as well as somatic musculoskeletal conditions, which confound the accurate diagnosis of “classic” FMS will also be presented.
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