Dr. Dennis Goodman's 2015 CASI Presentation


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Day 1, Short Ted-Style presentation
Dr. Dennis Goodman's 2015 CASI Presentation: Statins: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Preview: Statins: When to Push ‘em; When to Pull ‘em


Dr. Dennis Goodman's 2015 CASI Presentation

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Statins: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with cholesterol problems each year. Statins are amongst the most widely prescribed drugs of all time. Studies have shown that statins lower "bad cholesterol" and reduce inflammation which in turn result in about 35% reduction in heart attacks, strokes and death. Over 30 million Americans are supposedly taking a statin and one in four Americans over 45-yrs old are on a statin. So is this a good thing or not? Unfortunately it's not a simple answer. Statins have been associated with multiple side effects ranging from mild muscle aches and constipation to severe muscle and joint pains, liver function abnormalities, worsening asthma, cognitive dysfunction, drug interactions, diabetes and very rarely death (due to rhabdomyolisis).

There is a lively debate in the scientific community about the appropriate use of statins and a raging debate in the community as a whole ( public ) about all the terrible side effects of statins with many believing that statins should be taken off the market ! I intend to take an objective look at statins and to discuss their role in treatment of lipid disorders. I will discuss the side effects and how to avoid them. I will discuss natural alternatives for patients who, I believe, do not need a statin, are statin intolerant (having intolerable side effects) or who simply refuse to take them. I will discuss latest research in evaluating cardiovascular risk using advanced lipid testing and non-invasive imaging of heart and blood vessels. I will discuss the new class of cholesterol lowering drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors which may replace statins for many people. "Knowledge is Power", so before embracing or condemning statins, come and hear the facts and make up your own mind!
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