Dr. Gerard Mullin's 2015 CASI Presentation


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Day 1, Short Ted-Style presentation
Dr. Gerard Mullin's 2015 CASI Presentation: The Gut Microbiome Revolution

Preview: The Microbiome and Beyond


 Dr. Gerard Mullin's 2015 CASI Presentation

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The Gut Microbiome Revolution

The gut microbiome is a highly organized ecosystem that has a diverse array of functions that impacts the body’s physiology and health. There is emerging evidence that manipulation of the gut microbiome can alter weight-both positively and negatively. The presentation will succinctly review how diet, lifestyle factors and prebiotic and probiotic supplements influence the gut microbiota and influence weight outcomes.

The program will first present a focused review of the role of the gut microbiota in health and disease The therapeutic manipulation of the gut microbiome and its ability to alter metabolism and produce weight loss will be presented. The anti-obesity effects of prebiotics and probiotics in experimental models and in human clinical studies will be reviewed. Summary points will include recommendations for future studies.
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