OmegAvail™ Mango Peach Smoothie


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Quick Overview

OmegAvail™ Mango Peach Smoothie is a delicious tasting, high potency, emulsified fish oil product with superior bioavailability. It is a great option for children and those who prefer not to swallow pills. This product can be easily titrated for different ages and dosing needs.

The TruTG™ Advantage:
OmegAvail™ Mango Peach Smoothie carries the TruTG™ seal – your assurance that it contains fish oil in its TG (triglyceride) form, the form found in nature and is of unmatched TG potency. Fish oil blends and concentrates bearing the TruTG™ seal are 90% to 100% triglyceride (TG) bound omega-3 oils – 40%-50% higher than the industry standard for TG fish oil concentrate products.

Note: This is a fish oil product, and accordingly, you may notice a fish oil taste. However, the mango peach flavor helps to mask this taste and ultimately results in a flavor that is quite pleasing.

OmegAvail™ Mango Peach Smoothie

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